Benefits of Hiring a Professional Land Surveyor

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Land Surveyor

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There are many cases of land disputes, where property owners claim that their neighbours encroached on their property or that the boundaries between two adjacent properties are questionable. To settle the dispute, a professional land surveyor is needed to determine the actual size of each property. However, this is not the only reason why you might need the services of a professional land surveying company, as you’ll find out.

When you are considering buying a property, thinking of building on your property that has remained vacant for a long time, or you are about to sell your property located in Essex, it is critical to have it surveyed. Land surveys give you the most important information about where your property actually ends and where the boundary of the neighbouring land begins. You can prevent land disputes or even solve land disputes before they crop up later. The services of professional land surveyors in Essex are crucial when property owners are unsure of the exact measurements of their property.

Benefits of getting professional help in land surveys

Ordinary landowners do not have the capability and the skills to make accurate measurements of their property. In the past, enterprising people just put up stakes on the land to claim it as their own. But that practice is no longer allowed. Now you need professional land surveyors. Their training is a combination of understanding geography, trigonometry, geometry and mathematics as well as right-of-ways, use of geodetic instruments and land titles. They need the knowledge to accurately compute and determine property boundaries.

  • Before you start construction on your property, a professional land surveyor can determine right-of-way or nearby easements. Without his help, there could be some expensive outcomes for planning and construction.
  • He can help you determine how much land belongs to you, if you were going to invest in a home. You would not only know the exact size of the property; you would also know if you are getting a good deal and paying a fair price for the real estate, before you even sign the sales contract.
  • Only a professional can help you determine what type of building can be constructed on your property and in which part. There are limitations when it comes to building on your property, as there are lands that are only suitable for residential properties while there are lands that are suitable for heavier and larger buildings. Some parts of the land may not be appropriate for construction.
  • A land surveyor can determine how large your property is and where the boundaries are, which is important when you want to use it as loan collateral or if you intend to sell it. If the property has been in your possession for a long time, as it’s been handed down by your forebears, you might not have an accurate measurement of your property. A land survey would determine much critical information about the property, including the property lines and the actual size of the land.

Before you close a real estate deal or begin a construction project on your property in Essex, consult professional surveyors in Essex. They have the right credentials, licenses and skills to help you with your property development project.


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